Prayer For United States

Prayers for Our Nation


1.Pray for President Trump and government

Abba Father, we pray for President Trump.  May You give him special grace and enable him to accomplish every tasks faithfully and humbly, full of strength and power. May the Holy Spirit fill him and give him a clear vision, a humble and pure heart.  May he has full concentration and be insightful for all government related affairs. May You give him divine wisdom and modest leadership to influence United States and the nations.   We release the holy angels to encamp around him and his family, watch their coming and going. Any weapon formed against him shall not prosper. Why don’t you have a shot at ones own success uudetcasinot. All the evil schemes will be thwarted and foiled.


2.Urgent Prayer for Mid-term Election, Illegal Voters’ Registration

1 Cor 14:40 ‘But everything must be done in a proper and orderly manner.’

Father, we lift up the preeminent constitution voting rights for lawful American Citizens Father, the constitution stated voting is of America people’s responsibility and power, not of States nor of Federal Government.  We are the People of America, we humbly represent the People to stand before Your Court, pleading Your Fair and Just Verdict for what we deserved; the taking back of our God-given responsibility and authority.. Lord, It Is written: everything must be done in proper, lawful and orderly manner. Father, lawless states openly allow illegal immigrants’ registration pushing beyond the Midterm Election into future Presidential Election. We ask for Your Justice served to cease all their plans and schemes, all that to be ruled out, reversed and cancelled immediately. We ask You Lord, to establish quickly a fair and unstainable voting method to defeat unlawful voting. Father, we proclaim Your Sovereign will be done in this and every Election as it’s in the Heaven.

Lord, we pray to fold up, bind up and dry up all, voters’ fraud, software obstructions, corruptions and illegal funding schemes. May Your Holiness and Victory overthrow their plans at every turn.  Lord, we ask also the release of finances and supports for every righteous candidate. In Jesus’ Name, we pray.


3.Pray for the new Supreme Court Justice

    Genesis 18:25b ‘……..will not the Judge of all the earth do right?’

Father, we declare the Elected Supreme Court Justice will give every Righteous Verdict to whom deserved, the Constitutional Rules of Laws and Rights will be executed without wavering or obscurity in all his hearings.

Father, we rebuke how the adversary defiantly blocking the confirmation of Judge Kavanaugh, we insist righteous confirmation will prevail.

We declare the U.S. Judge and the Justice System are being refined and re-defined, aligned with God’s Moral Rules of Law during the confirmation process. We declare No weapons formed against Judge Kavanaugh will succeed, any condemnation rises up will be judged as it is the inheritance of God’s servants. We decree all the votes needed are completed in God’s command, in Jesus’ Name.


4.Pray for Immigration and Border Crisis

2 Chron 14:7 ‘ For he said to Judah, ‘Let us build these cities and surround them with walls, towers, gates and bars. The land is still ours because we have sought the Lord, our God, we’ve sought Him and He has given us rest on every side.’ So they built and prospered.’

2 Chron. 14:7 ‘ Father, we lift up the chaos over our border immigration crisis; that certain Government special Agencies had not stopped the loopholes causing unnecessary delays and chaos. We’d continue to pray against criminal activities making their way through the borders; we pray against the high percentage of convicted criminals returned after deportations repeatedly. We declare: ‘our cities, walls, gates and bars are built to give us rest on every side and prospered.’

We pray for divine protection over every American Immigration and Custom Enforcement agents, especially Border Agents serving faithfully to the nation, God’s hands and angelic force and spiritual firewalls of Intercession surrounding all the borders. We pray for God’s perfect plan for Immigration settlement will be established. Have a shot at ones luck is mostly a die recreation online live casinos uk.


5.Plead to Heavenly Court of Justice

Isaiah 26:3 ‘You will keep perfect peace those whose minds are steadfast, because they trust in You.’

Psalms 82:4, 8 ‘Rescue the poor and helpless from the grasp of evil men…..Stand up O God, and judge the earth. For all of it belongs to You. All nations are in Your Hands.’

Russian Collusion
 – Father, we humbly plead to Your Court of Justice of the ending of the ‘Russian Collusion’ investigation. We proclaim Your Sovereignty ruled over America, over the High Calling for which she beholds. Your verdict is our perfect peace. We trust in Your perfect peace with the investigation ending quickly.

Kingdom Economy System
 – Father, we humbly plead for the release for America delivered from the Babylon Economy System. We desire Your Kingdom Economy rules in our nation, we pray for a new and anointed generation forged with Your Command to be raised up.  We decree and declare these verdicts are governed by the Heavenly Court of Mercy for America. In Jesus’ Mighty Name, we pray.


6.Pray for Righteous Media

In the age of Internet, we not only have traditional mainstream media, but also new media, covering and affecting the whole world:

  • Ask God to save the souls of the American and global media reporters.  Ask Him to forgive them for lies and distorted reports. In particular, they conceal the truth and exaggerate lies to report wrongly.  Distort the image of national leaders. May God release the truth and the facts and take back the Media Mountain.
  • Ask God to let more believers see the opportunity to use the media for missions and become a member of the media missionary army.   Raise up Christians to become a media and online missionary to spread the gospel of the Kingdom of God through the Internet, videos, photos, text, movies, drama, music, events and gatherings.
  • We believe that the gospel of God can be transmitted to the ends of the earth through the Internet.   May the church make good use of the new media to establish a wall-less church evangelism and mission, and welcome this missionary generation with new thinking.
  • Ask God to raise up more gifted Christian media people who can set a good example in the industry.  May the voice of righteousness, honesty and truthful news can be sent through the media. May the media report good news not just bad news. May the media play its role in influencing and transforming culture.


7.Pray for Education

[Current Event: Today’s global sex education advocates that homosexual teaching is a must. Countries such as the United States and Taiwan teach sex education in their curriculum and even demonstrate and practice masturbation in the classroom. It has greatly defile the next generation.  Satan wants to completely seize the next generation and push the world to be like Gormorrah and Sodom. Even the church youth is affected. This is the biggest crisis in the global education system.

  • The Catholic Church in Spain also voiced their opposition towards homosexuality.  The archbishop Demario Fernandez of Córdoba told his congregants in December that the United Nation has been aggressively shifting the world to become a homosexual community.
  • In the blog by Zaragoza, who is the leader of the Holy See Family Ministry in the parish of Antonelli, also said that there is a project in the Scientific and Cultural Organization of the United Nations working to convert half of the world population into gays/lesbians.

(Source: the Christian Post)]

[Editor’s Note:]

Dear intercessors:

From the information stated in the above background section, we can all see as the parish in Catholic church has pointed out, the United Nation has been aggressively shifting the world to become a homosexual community and there is a project in the Scientific and Cultural Organization of the United Nations working to convert half of the world population into gays/lesbians.   There is a great behind the homosexuality.  One of the strategies to promote the homosexuality is through sex education in many nations. To try to steal our children, to teach them homosexual value to our children from age 5 years on.

Therefore we must come together, with fasting, to cry out to God, for God to fight the battle for us, to rescue our next-generation, to come out of the defilement of the value system of homosexuality, to completely abolish the evil plan of United Nations to convert half of the world population into gay / lesbian.  May God raise up and establish leaders that have the fear of the Lord to turn over the law that has legalized same-sex marriage and homosexuality.  In Jesus name we declare, God will use the joint effort of the parents in the whole globe to make our voice be heard in United Nation as well as on campuses, to forsake all the sex education concerning homosexuality, not to defile the Next Generation. We cry out to God to dispatch Arch Angel Michael to lead the host of angels to fight the Dark Force behind homosexuality to continue to capture our next Generation.   May God cleanse all the hearts and soul that have been defiled, and completely cleanse and break off the influence of homosexuality. ]

We declare to God,

  • In the name of Jesus we declare the campus of all the world will open the door to the teachings of  the truth in the Bible and close the door to the teaching of homosexuality
  • In the name of Jesus we declare, our God is a Victorious King, He is the captain of The Host.  He will listen to our prayer of one accord.  He will lead Archangel Michael and the hosts of angels, to win the victorious battle graded for the next Generation to demolish sex education on homosexuality to be taught in school.
  • In the name of Jesus we declare, the fire of the Holy Spirit will rend the heaven and come down, burn and distinguish all the stronghold the homosexual has set up in the campus. We declare Our God Reign, establishing the Throne of God in each campus, revive the campus to become a Holy Kingdom of God.


We pray to God,

  • Ask God to forgive the United State, Taiwan and other countries that teach sex education to pollute the next generation.  May God’s mercy come upon us and move God’s children in the United States, Taiwan and other countries to fight against the dark forces behind homosexuality, launch holiness movement to turn the tide of homosexuality and abolish all the ungodly sex education.
  • Ask God to raise up god-fearing children of God to enter into the education system, produce teaching materials full of God’s knowledge and truth to replace the existing wrong teaching about sex, life and religion, so that the whole world will be full of the knowledge of the Lord and establish godly education system.
  • Ask God to keep those god-fearing councils in the board of education to continue to speak for the Lord and stop the sex education.  May God keep them safe and watch their coming and going.
  • Pray especially for US school shootings and global campus bullying and drug trafficking.  May God put an end to such incidents at school. Protect the campus and keep the students safe.
  • Pray for revival of the campus:  May God pour out His Spirit over campuses, ignite the fire of intercession and establish the altar of prayers.  Let prayers return to the campus.
  • Pray for the elite schools in all countries, such as Ivy-league universities and ask Holy Spirit to work in these universities to win over the souls of the students.


8.Pray for the First Nation

Abba Father,
Thank you for revealing to us the calling and destiny of the first nation people.  They are the steward of the land. Today we stand as Your priest to repent for the sin of slaughtering and hurting the First Nation, cover us with the precious blood of Jesus, heal the steward of this land, comfort their hearts, return to them double for what was stolen from them, restore their identity with honor.   We want to stand with them, undergird them with our prayers, and be their strong support. Let us receive each other in love and become one in Your truth and in Your Spirit, welcome in Your presence in our worship. We declare that NOW is the time that the First Nations will stand as the first born of the land, to arise and shine, to release the unity in the spirit, to bring down an anointing of breakthrough, to lead all nations and tribes in United States in 2018 to enter the Gate of Grace together!


9.Pray for the fire in northern California

(Please continue to pray since the fire is still ongoing)

[Current events: Since July 26, there are more than 200,000 acres, 17 areas with 8 deaths, 5 million residents evacuated from homes, thousands of buildings were destroyed by the spreading fire. Bethel church has now become one of relief distribution center under the Salvation Army.  ]

Father, we are pressing through the destruction of many homes, sufferings, fear, deaths, we embrace to hold on to Your love that’s ever changing. We praise Your Greatness, Your Name is greatly exalted in the midst of these suffering and brokenness, in the hearts of petitioners. We pray, O God, your glorious Cross covers the land and the lives of many, Your Mighty Love destroys the hands of the destroyer.

  • Pray for the Bethel Church and the residents of the disaster area. Pray for God’s mercy, stop the fire, and perform miracles to keep the Bethel church, all disaster relief personnel and innocent people safe, and to minimize the disaster.
  • Bless Bethel Church to be the light and salt, to comfort to the broken hearted, care to the needy, to lead many to know God’s true peace and love.

10. Pray for Chicago Shooting

[In the news: August 5, one of the most violent weekends in Chicago, in a short span of 14 hours, there were several gunshot incidences.   At least 70 people were shot and 11 deads. Their ages spanned from 11 to 62 years old. Mayor Rahm Emanuel declared the city a Trump-free zone, but NOW his own people are rebuking the failed Democrat policies and BEGGING the president for help. The level of violence in Chicago ought to be unimaginable in America’s third largest city, yet over 1,700 people have been shot so far this year. ]

We pray to God,

  • Give president Trump wisdom to know how to handle gun shooting cases and similar issues in this nation. 
  • Heal the people who are wounded during these shooting incidences, bring them to quick recovery.
  • Comfort the families of wounded or killed with the love of God, help them come out this dark time quickly, and help them recognize they can only find true peace in Jesus Christ.
  • May Your salvation come to the shooter, for them to see that Jesus came to save the sinner. There is grace for those who repent.
  • Give the investigators wisdom and protection in finding the killers and break the case quickly and safely.
  • Bring revival to Chicago, raise up the church in Chicago through these events, to pray for their own city and government for the revival to come.